Vocabulary Companion™

Everything you need to teach vocabulary in minutes. Using our objectives or your own word list. The easy-to-use publishing tool for creating dynamic vocabulary activity sheets, posters, and games in seconds.

Vocabulary Companion™ was designed by classroom teacher's to meet real world classroom needs. Use over 25 formats to create the activites, posters, and games that you need to make sure that "all" the students have the opportunity to learn the vocabulary necessary for success in your classroom and on the state tests.

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  • Type in you own spelling, reading or Vocabulary lists
  • Over 17,500 words, sentences and definitions already in the program
  • Over 28 unique different formats for teaching vocabulary
  • Over 100 carefully sequenced objectives covering phonics, word analysis and even spelling rules.

Click on the links below to see what you can create with Vocabulary Companion™.

These are only some of the activities you can create!

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